The Classic Havana


Beautiful country, amazing people, vintage atmosphere with lovely taste for stone, bright color’s, old concrete roads, classic architecture, and beautifully kept classic cars.

Adam Gallagher, classy gentlemen with an amazing blog of his own that you can check out here, take’s a peek at the crisp looks of the Havana buildings, all while keeping his own looks as crisp as his drinks.

Well paired outfits, both in casual looks and in formal classy gangster looks, this young man keeps his clothes well placed, his delicious food close, and his luxurious class even closer.

Lets take a moment to appreciate the views of the outfits, the architecture, vehicle’s, and accessories,

Black pinstripe suit, White linen 3-piece suit, navy espadrilles, rust colored linen blazer: SuitSupply
Blue stripe cuban shirt: SOULLAND
Hats: Goorin Bros
Cane, Briefcase, gold accessories, Tinted yellow wayfarer sunglasses & props: Vintage, Etsy 
Yellow leather jacket: Mitchell Evan
Featured watch: Timex southview multi function 
Wifebeaters/tanks: fruit of the loom
Navy chinos, brown loafers, white linen shirt, white dress shirt, suspenders: Club Monaco  
Disclaimer : Absolutely all Photo credits and Ownership of Images is of Adam Gallagher and his team.
Now for great info on “Where to stay”, “Where to eat”, and Useful Tips for traveling to Cuba, checkout his article on Cuba and all the amazing images and style he has of it here


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